Call for action to the scientific and political community

Long term effects of contemporary weaponry on the reproductive life of civil population


The long standing demand for justice and reparation of populations aggressed in the recent wars in the Middle east and Mesopotamia has a specific and dramatic side in the damages to their reproductive life, which amounts to high frequency of miscarriages and of children born with defects, and consequent inabilities for them and impairment of the sustainability of family’s lives.

New studies (1) have shown that the increased rate of birth defects and miscarriages in Falluhja, Iraq manifested itself in time, starting from the beginning of the war to Iraq, and that birth defects presentation has increased since, and is not declining in 2010.

They have also shown that the Falluhja population as a whole carries a high load of teratogenic and carcinogenic metals of kinds associated with contemporary weaponry.

These findings require that the scientific community be involved in extending independent research on the causes, modalities and mechanisms of the presentation of miscarriages and birth defects in populations aggressed with contemporary weaponry in Iraq, Afghanistan, Lebanon, Gaza and today Libya, to define the extension of the damage they produce for the present and for future generations of the populations, and to study and implement methods of remediation or reduction of the damage.

Although the task of researching is often difficult due to local and international unwillingness to face the long term consequences of wars that were justified as “necessary, humanitarian, preventing and anti-terror, for civilization an democracy”, and seeing the conjunct opposition of aggressors and local governments set up in occupations, the fragility of the local professionals that are often at risk,  these studies are necessary to grant justice, reparation for the victims and truth on the long term consequences on general health of the civilian population.

They are especially necessary to prevent further damages in the next generations in these countries and to ensure support for the existing victims.

This call follows a previous one issued before (2), and reinforces the request of attention, in view also of the new data.

We call urgently scientist to engage independently in these researches, in conjunction with willing local partners.

We ask the international institutions for Health and Human rights to became sponsors of independent research in the field, to publicize and establish grants to this aim.

We call on potential independent funding sources to announce their willingness to finance these kind of research.

We ask that this will be done on the basis of public and transparent  modalities of projects selection and management.

Newweapons research group, March 25, 2011

reach us at

1- High prevalence data and increase in time of birth defects in Fallujah, Iraq: historical reproductive life and hair metal load in newborns and children with birth defects and their families. March 25, 2011



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